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Introduction to the operation of the car lift

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Introduction to the operation of the car lift

When the lift control valve is reversing to cause the cylinder to land, the following three conditions are often presented:
1 If the speed of the cylinder falling exceeds the speed that the oil pump can reach the oil supply to the cylinder E cavity, the liquid filling is lacking, and a vacuum occurs. As long as the oil pump continues to supply oil to the upper chamber, the lower chamber is throttled until the full chamber is gradually pressurized. The work lift is completed, and the boost is slow when the elevator is lowered.
2 If the frictional resistance of the movement is small, the cylinder will drop rapidly under the self-weight of the load, and instantaneous activation will occur.
3 If the motion resistance of each section of the stroke is uneven or the resistance of the movement is close to the weight of the moving parts such as the upper and lower jaws, the upper and lower arms may sometimes fall by their own weight, and sometimes they must be pushed by the pressure of the oil pump to form the landing speed of the lifting platform. Unstable.
Second, the lifting machine movement measures the equalization loop: in order to prevent the occurrence of vacuum or landing when the movement and the movement is not stable, the lifting machine enterprises should change their thoughts as soon as possible, expand the standardization system of their own market on the road of green technology, open The professional consumer market with energy-saving and high-efficiency and recycling applications enters the stage of high-end industrial form, making environmental protection an important weight for saving interest and increasing brand value.
The lower chamber of the cylinder is equipped with an equalization valve, so that the lower chamber of the cylinder forms a pressure equal to the local weight of the radar detecting device. Under the action of the equalizing circuit, as long as the oil pump supplies oil to the piston in the upper chamber, the lower chamber is generated. When the pressure is higher than the set pressure of the equalization valve, the piston rod will fall, and the falling speed is determined by the flow rate of the speed regulating valve 7 or the speed regulating valve 9, so the movement is stable.

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In addition, the equalization valve can also alleviate the hydraulic shock caused by the sudden stop of the cylinder, the sudden operation of the reversing valve or the sudden stop of the oil pump in the hydraulic system. The function of the accumulator in the hydraulic system scissor lift successfully completes the radar detecting device. The lifting of the problem, the disposal of the scissor lift imbalance and other issues. The scissor lift was completed smoothly and without impact, and all performance indexes were within the tolerance range, which met the design request and received a better result.

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