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Hydraulic Two Post Lift Special Offer

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Hydraulic Two Post Lift Special Offer!

Receive a fully installed Boston twin ram hydraulic 4 Ton two post lift for just $2,995 + VAT, representing a saving of over $200, valid on all orders placed before 31st December 2018.
The offer applies to our 4.0Ton 2Post Life S-TB9000E three phase 2 post lift with long arm/short arm configuration.
This lift is a popular choice among garages regularly working on small to medium sized commercial vehicles, and is particularly well suited to large four wheel drives.
Standard features include:
Overhead brace security bar, with auto-stop switch, which provides strong support and ensures perfect synchronisation between the carriages
Low-level adjustable screw pads with a minimum height of just 95mm, perfect for low suspension vehicles and sports cars
Automatic safety arm locking mechanism with auto-release
Optional extras are also available including practical quick drop-in height extensions and single-phase operation.
For more information send an email to: wheelweights11@hotmail.com or give us a call on 00863172049866

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