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How to choose a balancing machine

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How to choose a balancing machine

When we buy a balancing machine, we always think a lot of questions? For example: I want to buy a balancing machine, we will think which balancing machine is good? Is the price of the balance machine right? Where is the balance machine more suitable for us! Let me teach you how to buy a balancing machine.
    A balancing machine is a machine that measures the magnitude and position of an unbalanced object (rotor).
    We also need to understand the classification of the balancing machine, and we must first determine the level of balance accuracy required for the workpiece, and pay attention to the following points:
    When choosing a balancing machine: Your company needs to check the dynamic dimensions of large and small workpieces and common workpieces.
Do the weight of the workpiece:
The balancer equipment specification is selected as the 1/2 to 1/3 balance effect of the intermediate mark. Although the large or small value can be balanced, it does not necessarily meet the balance accuracy requirements of the workpiece.
Do the balance of the workpiece size:
1. It is necessary to meet the technical requirements of the support distance and center height between the balancing machine pendulum.
2. If the workpiece is running, such as a large torque, a universal coupling transmission balancing machine (such as a fan) can be used.
The use of the belt drive balance machine is generally selected for the motor industry, and the belt type is generally more accurate and more convenient to operate.
3. Single-sided vertical balancing machine is suitable for correcting all kinds of disc-shaped workpieces with larger diameter than thickness, such as: flywheel, pulley, diamond grinding wheel, automobile clutch and assembly, hub, brake disc, disc cutter, pressure plate Dials, dials, centrifuges, impellers for pumps and pumps, etc.
4. Self-driving balancer is suitable for small fan blades, such as air blowers, evaporator fans and so on.

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