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How to choose a tyre changer

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How to choose a tire changer

With the rapid development of the automotive market, the requirements for tires are getting higher and higher, high-performance, new models of tires have emerged, flat, extremely hard, extra wide and so on. The revolution in the tire market raises new questions about tire changers. How can we disassemble such special tires?
  According to market requirements, the current tire-removal machine can be divided into motorcycle car tire disassembly compatible machine, flat tire disassembly machine, fully automatic no crowbar disassembly machine and other new equipment.
  Performance characteristics of the tire changer
  The basic components of the tyre changer: motor, reducer, pneumatic valve, disassembly head, telescopic claw and gantry.
  Consider the following points when considering product performance:
  1: Pay attention to check the rated power of the motor. The higher the power, the stronger the working stability. The power of the motor is generally more than 1000w. In order to reduce the production cost, some manufacturers use a motor of about 800w, and the working stability is much worse. When purchasing, investors can check the rated power of the motor on the nameplate of the grilled tire. The motor should have low noise during operation and no obvious vibration.
  2: The noise is low during operation and there is no obvious vibration during load. The reducer is a reduction gear that transmits power to the tire changer. Since the AC motor speed is generally above 1000r/min, it must be reduced to 30r/min or less through the reducer to work normally. The reducer is usually made of special materials and alloy materials. When driving, it must have low noise and good smooth performance. Some small tire changer manufacturers use low-quality carbide cast reducers, which are both noisy during operation and pay more attention to load.
  3: The quality of the tire disassembly head is also directly related to the quality of the tire disassembly. The tire disassembly head cast by high-quality steel should be selected. The curved design curve is scientific. It is not easy to be deformed after many years of use. It is smooth when loading and unloading tires, and protects the rim and tire from damage. The inferior tire disassembly head is not the same, the appearance is rough, the curved curve design is not reasonable, the loading and unloading tires are not smooth, it is easy to deform after repeated use, and it is easy to scratch the tire and the rim.

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