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Hot sale tyre changer

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Hot sale tyre changer

Item NO.:886H

Power supply:220V/50~60HZ/ 380V/50HZ

 Motor power:1.1Kw

 Operation Pressure:8~10bar

 Max. wheel diameter:43"/1100mm

 Max. wheel width:16"/410mm

 Net weight:391Kg


Tire changer is a repair equipment to use secondary demolition and tire installation in vehicle maintenance. It makes tire remove smoothly in the car repair process.

There are many different kinds of tyre changers at persent. Pneumatic and hydraulic as normal, and the most common is the pneumatic tire changer.

Tire changer


Tire changer is a repair equipment for car tires removing from the hub, installation and inflation, mainly used for tire repair, replacement and installation so on.

There are semi-automatic with left swing arm and right swing arm, fully automatic tyre changer.

Applications: remove lightweight flat tires and heavy tires and special tires.


1.Main Workbench: tires mainly dismantled on the bench. played a role of tire placement, and rotation so on.

2.Isolated arm:on the side of tire changer.using for tire and rim separation, and making remove the tire smoothly.

3.Inflation and deflation device: deflate the gas for tire disassembly smoothly.

4.Pedals: There are three foot pedal switch on the below of tyre changer. Usage: clockwise counterclockwise rotary switch, switch for intensify separation, separation of rim and tire switch.

5.Lubricating fluid: Contribute to tire disassembly;reduce damage during Disassembly; better finish tire disassembly work.

6.Compressed air connection


This machine using backward curved sliding arm, equipped with auxiliary arm.

Advanced product design, rational structure, superior performance; suitable for dis-assembly thicker tires, flat tires.

New aluminum frame pedals, compact, durable, and easy maintenance.

Advanced stainless steel working head, thickening body.

Internal structure: shovel tire cylinders, diameter 186mm, more pressure

Equipped with the right auxiliary arm, height of pressing tyre can be adjusted.

Tire can be small to large full-dis-assembly.


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