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From War Wolf 2 to company

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The film “war wolf 2” was released on July 27th,2017. By virtue of excellent applause and word of mouth, this film saved the low consumer movie box office in July. In this film, we feel more than just a strong nationalist feelings, as well as the rise of Chinese-made and powerful.

Throughout the film, Wu shows the bold, macho side of Chinese soldiers. Wu Jing revealed when he promoted the film in Wuhan on March 29 that to better capture the authentic lifestyle of special forces officers, he spent 18 months living and training together with them. This experience influenced the movie’s script. In the film, a 1.5-meters tall special forces soldier grabs the throat of a foreign mercenary who’s much taller than he is. The scene was inspired by a true story, Wu said, and the soldier is played by a retired special forces member.

War films are known to arouse a sense of patriotism, and Wolf Warriors is no different. No country is perfect, not even our own, but the scene in which the Warriors put on armbands reading “I fight for China” made my heart swell with pride.

China is a big family. The company is also a collective. I remember that when I came, the manager let us discuss about the sense of belonging. In fact, I did not have a deep feeling at that time. As time goes till now,the sense of belonging in my heart is increasingly profound.

Our company has exporting experience for more than 10 years. We do not forget our original heart of beginning business.

Company provides us accommodation. We get along with colleagues like a family. Though there is competition on work and everybody wants to make most progress, all people always can do to encourage each other. This is totally because our company has created such a good working environment. This could not be achieved overnight. So you can see our companys history and strength.

The first lesson the Wolf Warriors teaches Leng is team spirit. In order to make progress for our company and enjoy the sense of accomplishment, we must carry forward and stick on team spirit.


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