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Follow-up customer case analysis during outbreak

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During the Spring Festival, China ushered in a nationwide epidemic—coronavirus. The epidemic started from Wuhan city, Hubei Province, and spread rapidly throughout the country. Due to the timely control of the regional governments, no large-scale infection was caused, and most of them were concentrated in Hubei.

Follow-up customer case analysis during outbreak
As a result of this epidemic, many factories and enterprises have postponed construction hours, implemented home quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, government departments and medical and health facilities have suspended vacations, and cities across the country quickly organized to fight the coronavirus

Due to effective and timely control by the state and the government, the virus has not further spread and spread, the cure rate is constantly increasing, and confirmed cases are also decreasing. In order to stop the transmission of the virus, people implement incubation period incubation. Some factories and enterprise employees implement a home office system until the end of the incubation period. It is expected that the incubation period observation can be ended on February 17 or the end of February. Then various industries to start normal work.

Due to the delayed working, some customers who intend to order after the holiday also pay attention to the epidemic situation, and are particularly concerned about the issue of order production and shipment. Regarding these issues, our response is to believe in China and the Chinese government. Once the epidemic has eased, production in various industries will be resumed as soon as possible without delaying too long.

Follow-up customer case analysis during outbreak
Regarding the customer's doubts about the epidemic situation, taking my customer as an example, the customer's main concerns are the following: 1) changes in material prices 2) production cycle 3) transportation and shipment issues
Regarding these issues, my response to customers is 1) Now that the raw materials are relatively stable, and customers can pay with intention, we start to purchase raw materials and store them in advance, and the production will be carried out as soon as the government issues a notice
2) The production cycle will not be extended, and we have enough production The equipment guarantees the daily production volume, and the epidemic situation has been controlled. It will resume work in the near future. 3) There is no problem in transportation. Once the roads are unsealed, transportation exports will be arranged immediately.
By alleviating customer emotions, understanding customer feelings, and giving correct and intuitive solutions, to soothe customers without causing panic, effective communication with customers has been achieved.

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