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Electric jack and electric wrench

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Car jack is an essential part of daily replacement tires, simple maintenance, car important lifting tool. With the rapid development of China's economy, the gradual improvement of the people's living standard, the family becomes more and more used cars, this makes jack a growing demand for, and how to simple and convenient
Electric jack and electric wrench combination tire replacement products, is the traditional manual tire replacement tools of another technical innovation, is the current *** model car lifting and tire dismantling tools.This product USES the motor to start the principle, relies on the automobile cigarette lighter power supply or the automobile battery as its power, through the control product lifting switch, may freely and evenly and steadily adjust the jack mechanical part, easily, quickly jacked up the automobile tire.Electric wrench in simply press the start switch can be easily, fast and convenient to remove or tighten fixed wheels from different types of nuts, with simple operation and strong practicability, high safety coefficient. The characteristics of effective to avoid the potential risk of traditional operation for new tires, also let owner said goodbye to the human thoroughly remove tyre nut hard and tedious, especially suitable for ladies. Obesity.Tall people use, let us easily change the tire is no longer a dream, is the modern car is the most ideal choice and the most loyal partner.

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