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Eccentric screw installation instructions

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On 01-26, 2020, we received an inquiry from the Russian customer about eccentric screws on the official website. The customer needs 1,000 pieces eccentric screws and wants us to produce eccentric screws according to the drawings provided by the customer. According to customer requirements, we found that the parameters of the eccentric screw fully meet our company's production of 12mm diameter eccentric screws and we provide videos for customer reference.
Let’s know the installation method of the eccentric screw:
Step 1: Remove the original bolt on the upper part of the shock-absorbing bracket after removing the wheel
Step 2: Install the eccentric bolt
There are two choices for the installation direction. When adjusting to the positive camber direction (the upper part of the tire moves outward), turn the bolt belly toward the outside of the car. The tongue of the metal positioning piece is inserted into the vehicle. When adjusting in the negative camber direction (moving the upper part of the tire inward), place the bolt belly toward the inside and insert the tongue of the metal positioning piece toward the outside.
Step 3: Bring a nut to press the small teeth on the metal positioning piece into the shock-absorbing bracket
Step 4: Install the wheels and sensors
Step 5: Turn the screw until the degree of camber required
Step 6: Install the maximum kilograms. Refer to the eccentric bolt kg wrench comparison table
Each screw is marked with a specification model and a hexagonal head design for better tightening effect; the thread is deep, the pitch is uniform, the design of fine teeth, and the bite is more tight. Expect more customers to place orders.

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