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Common Principle and Function of Eccentric Screw

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I. Principles
The purpose of changing eccentric screw is to adjust when positioning, without affecting safety. There is no problem with the above maintenance operation when four-wheel positioning. If the inclination angle of the wheel exceeds the standard range, it can only be adjusted by using eccentric screw, which can ensure the normal wheel data and avoid tire wear.

Eccentric Screw

2. Installation and distribution
Eccentric screw is widely used in our automobiles. After installation, we will not increase the hand of the screw below, but after replacing the eccentric screw, the eccentric screw will be fine as the original screw, which will not have much impact on the installation. Replacing eccentric screw has no effect on shock absorption.
3. Role
On the whole, eccentric screw adjusts the angle of automobile tire. Specifically, it is an angle of inside and outside inclination and the angle of adjusting the height of left and right wheels. If you eat a tire, you must install it. If you don't install it, the tire will wear out and burst easily.

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