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Case of Eccentric Screw

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On October 16, 2019, we received an inquiry from our Mauritius customer on the official website about the eccentric screw. The customer needs 10,000 eccentric screws and hopes to send 100 samples for trial. According to customer requirements, we recommend several eccentric screws such as silver, green and black, hardness 10.9 and 12.9, and inform him the parameters and application range of eccentric screws and provide videos for customer reference. The customer informed that a 12mm silver grade 12.9 eccentric screw sample is required.

Eccentric Screw
According to customer feedback, we calculated the freight to Louis and reported the reasonable freight and sample fee to the customer. After receiving the price, the customer said that the delivery cost was too expensive. After much discussion with the customer and the boss, we finally confirmed the price that both parties were satisfied with. Then I made a detailed invoice for the sample of the eccentric screw, and the customer paid the sample fee on October 30.
Regarding this eccentric screw, the main material is 42 chrome molybdenum steel, which is mainly used to adjust the camber angle of four-wheel positioning. Because its material is steel, it can save the production cost very well, so the price is more affordable and suitable for the markets of various countries, so the sales volume is relatively large, the common size is 10-17mm, and the colors are mainly black, green and silver. Looking forward to customer sample testing feedback and formal orders.

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