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1. Principle
The eccentric screw is a tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of circular rotation and frictional force of an object to gradually tighten objects and mechanical parts.
The eccentric screw is used for adjustment during positioning and does not affect safety. There is no problem with the above maintenance operations during four-wheel positioning.
If the wheel inclination exceeds the standard range, it can only be adjusted by using eccentric screws, which can ensure the wheel data is normal and avoid tire wear.

1. Select a hammer drill bit that is 2mm larger than the expansion bolt model (the plastic expansion tube needs the same size drill bit), the depth is suitable for the length of the expansion tube;
2. Put in expansion bolts;
3. Choose the appropriate tool to tighten the bolt according to the type of bolt:
a. Ordinary expansion bolts: use dead end wrenches or adjustable wrenches
b. Expansion bolts in metal: use dead end wrenches or loose end wrenches or torx screwdrivers
c. Plastic expansion tube: use a Phillips screwdriver

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