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Double column car balance block lift

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Double column car balance block lift

The two-column car balance block lift is a special mechanical lifting device commonly used in car repair and maintenance units, and is widely used in the repair and maintenance of small cars such as cars. The two-post car lift lifts the car in the air while saving a lot of floor space for easy ground work. However, in order to save more material, the two-column car lift generally removes the bottom plate. Since there is no bottom plate, the torsion of the column needs to be offset by the ground, so the foundation is very demanding, and if there is a beam (gantry lift), it is offset by the beam.
The two-poster car balance block lifter is available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical versions. The arms of the four arms of the symmetrical lift are approximately equal in length, so that the center (or center of mass) of the car is in the middle of the column. This type of symmetrical lift is used for the daily maintenance of cars such as pickup trucks and vans. Probably the best choice. However, for some symmetrical double-column lifts with insufficient width between columns, it is a big disadvantage to not open the door after the car is lifted. The column of the asymmetric lift is rotated back an angle (approximately 30°) and the forearm is slightly shorter than the rear arm. When the car is parked in the proper position of the asymmetric lift, the position of the car moves backwards, so we can easily get in and out of the door. Moreover, the column that the asymmetric lift rotates ensures that the center of gravity of the vehicle is correctly positioned between the columns.

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