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Daily cleaning of the balancing machine

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When we use the balance machine, we must do its daily cleaning work, so that it will prolong its service life to a certain extent, thus reducing the incidence of failure, so daily cleaning and balancing machine is very necessary, then How do we clean the balancing machine on a daily basis?
1. To keep the surface of the supporting joint part clean, carefully check before working, refuel, and keep lubricated well during work.
2. Add an appropriate amount of oil to the lubrication area before each shift. Each butter should be cleaned and changed once a year under the condition of one shift.
3. The locking mechanism should be able to lock the pendulum reliably. When loosening, it should completely leave the swinging part. The pendulum frame should only be loosened during measurement. It should be locked for the rest of the time. The wheel frame should not be moved when locked.
4. The surface of the support block or roller is not allowed to adhere to iron filings, dust and debris. Before each work, the support block or the roller and the rotor journal should be cleaned, with a little lubrication.
5. When moving the balancer's support frame, the rotor should be rotated at the same time or the left and right support frames should be moved at the same speed at the same time to avoid scratching of the surface of the journal and the roller. It is not allowed to place the rotor on the roller frame for tapping or impact.
6, the rail surface should be kept clean, and often oil and rust.
7. The lens glass of the photoelectric head should be used to clarify the outer surface of the lens with a mirror paper or a mirror cloth to keep it clean. Never use a greased yarn or dirty cloth to wipe the mirror surface.
8, non-working time on the swing frame should not be placed on the balanced parts for a long time.
9. The electrical box should be kept clean to prevent moisture. If abnormality cannot be handled during use, the power supply should be cut off and the maintenance team should be notified.

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