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Customer Visit Memo (2)

2019-05-31 15:52:46   COMMENT:0 HITS:
After customers understand the parameters and advantages of the balance machine , they also put forward some questions about the balance machine:
1. As for the balancing machine, due to the small size of Japan, the customer wants a smaller box, about 40cm.Our company promises that we can customize according to customers' needs. We can send the 3d drawings to customers in 2-3 days and complete the molds in about 15 days.
2. If you want one monitor instead of a separate one, you can use the regular configuration.Our company has many kinds of models, and the integrated display is only one of them, which can meet the needs of customers.
3. As for the damage of the photoelectric board of wheel balancing machine, our company took out the real products on the spot and told the customer that workers  may not have installed them properly.
4. When I look at the product, it is this type of balancing machine. After placing the order, another type of balancing machine will be delivered. Business is to seek word of mouth, our company is looking for long-term cooperation, absolutely will not do such a self-destructive thing.

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