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Clip on wheel weights

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Clip-on passenger car & light truck

Clip-on medium & heavy duty truck

Based on a special coating process, Perfect Equipment, clip-on weights are covered completely with a closed coating powder layer. This protects the weight and the rim reliably against galvanic corrosion. The proven design guarantees a safe function. The flat profile provides especially a good alignment with the rim and permits the smooth installation of hub caps.

Clip-on weights


High quality zinc

High quality lead


Quality powder coating protects the entire weight against corrosion

Salt spray test > 250 h

Impact resistant coating powder in silver or black

Metallic effect matching the rim colours


High clip clamping force for a good seat

No displacement of the weight even under extreme conditions

Fitting the rim optimally


MultiFIT – Universal fit for almost all popular

rim types

Developed for aftermarket

Made in China, Germany quality
wheel weightswheel weights

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