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Car Supplies Handbook(1)

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For the maintenance and repairing equipment and tools of vehicle and tire which we told last week, according to the type of usage, we first introduce the equipment type. This category is essential for repairing shops and 4S stores, and is also the main equipment for vehicle and tire maintenance and repairing.
Regarding the commonly used equipment, there are mainly the following types which is car lifting machine , tyre changer , wheel balancer, wheel alignment , car crane , tyre vulcanizing machine , oil collecting machine , tyre pressuring machine and tire inflating machine . These machines are commonly used for vehicle and tire repairing and maintenance and they can test and solve the problems in cars.  

The car lifting machine is a commonly used equipment in each car repairing shop, tire repairing shop, and 4S store. It is mainly used to lift the car to a certain height in case of tire replacement and repair, and car overhaul and maintenance. To make the workers more convenient to operating .   

car lift
According to the shape , the car lift can divided into single-post car lift , two post car lift , two post clean floor car lift , scissor car lift and four post car lift . And the scissor car lift can divided into underground scissor lift , full-rise scissor lift , wheel alignment scissor lift , mid-rise scissor lift , low-rise scissor lift and mobile scissor lift based on the usage . You can choose it according to your requirements .

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