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Car Lift

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Car lift and other maintenance equipment are the necessary product for every car repair factory. Recently Received an inquiry for a lifting machine. Customers are also very interested in our products. In communication.
The lifter plays a vital role in the maintenance and repair of automobiles. No matter it is overhauled or repaired, it cannot be separated from it. The nature and quality of its products directly affect the personal safety of maintenance personnel. Among the maintenance and repair companies of various sizes, whether it is a comprehensive repair shop that repairs a variety of models or a street store with a single business scope (such as a tire store), almost all are equipped with lifts.
Double column lift
1. Operation requirements:
1). The lifting arm should be reduced to the minimum length as possible. The lifting rubber pad should be placed in the middle of the vehicle under the recommended lifting part, and the lifting rubber pad should be adjusted so as to evenly contact.
2). First lift the lifting arm until the lifting rubber pad completely contacts the vehicle, and check whether it is firmly loaded.
3), slowly lift the vehicle from the ground to ensure a balanced load, and then lift to the required working height.
4). Release the up button and lower the vehicle to a safe and safe position to perform maintenance work.
5) Before putting down the vehicle, lift the vehicle first, open the safety insurance, and then press the down button to slowly lower the vehicle until the lifting arm is at its lowest, remove the lifting arm, and drive out of the vehicle.
2. Maintenance requirements (monthly):
1) Check and re-tighten the anchor screws.
2) Lubricate the chain / cable with spray lubricant.
3). Check all chains, connectors, bolts and pins to ensure reliability and firmness.
4) Visually inspect all hydraulic oil lines for possible wear.
5). Check whether the slider movement inside the column is properly lubricated. Add high-quality heavy grease in time. All anchor screws should be fully tightened. If any screws do not work for some reason, the lift should not be used until the bolts are replaced again.

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