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Car Lift common problem and solutions

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First, car lifts with abnormal sound 
1) May be car lift overload solution: check lifting weight 
2) It may be that the motor fixing bolt is loose. Solution: tighten the bolt 
3) There may be no lubricant at the slider. Solution Filling lubricant
Second, the car lift does not lifting

1) There may be an air solution in the oil: loosen the exhaust screw, tighten the gas and tighten 
2) It may be the solution of hydraulic oil solidification: release hydraulic oil and refill qualified hydraulic oil
3) It may be the solution of hydraulic oil leakage: check whether the fittings of each pipe fitting are tightened and the oil seal of the cylinder is deformed or warped. 
4) It may be the motor reverse solution: compare with the motor circuit diagram, the wiring is correct 
5) It may be that the motor does not turn. Solution: The motor is broken. Replace the motor fuse. The limit switch is broken. Replace the limit switch.
Third, the external with oil leakage
1) It may be loose at the connection. Solution: Retighten the pipe joint 
2) It may be that the exhaust valve at the top of the cylinder is loose. Solution: Tighten the exhaust valve 
3) It may be the oil leakage in the cylinder seal solution: replacement of the sealing element 
4) It may be a venting hole draining solution: the internal seal of the hydraulic cylinder is invalid, and the seal is replaced.
5) It may be too much oil. Solution: The oil flows out of the container to reduce the amount of oil.

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