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Business For Wheel weights

2017-02-21 16:11:09   COMMENT:0 HITS:
On January 19th , I received an inquiry from Sweden. He contacted us for wheel weights .

I added his Whats-app and chatted with him. I asked the Material,Surface and Tape.He told me he needed Fe clip on wheel weight for aluminum rims and steel rims and Fe stick on wheel weights. But he didn’t tell me Surface and Tape.He sent the pictures to me.

\I sent 2 pictures to him and I told him the difference between these two products. He finally chose the left .And I quoted for him.



He didn’t have a bargain,but he did not know which port to choose.So I recommend him to the port according to his address.We signed a contract when we have determined all the things.

The business let me know:

(1)We should know the demand of the customer.

(2)Choose the destination port for your customers.


(3)The ability of the customer to accept the price.

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