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Business For Wheel Chock

2019-12-11 14:08:49   COMMENT:0 HITS:
On December 2, 2019, a customer from Israel contacted us to purchase a wheel chock. They need a total of 200 pairs of wheel chock and need to ship immediately. They also want wheel chock  clips. According to customer requirements, we offer customers a price of 50 pairs and a price of 200 pairs. The client asked us to send it to Shenzhen, his friend address.
Information about customers sent to us. We calculated the transportation cost from the factory to Shenzhen and quoted the right price to the customer. When the customer received the price, they gave us feedback and told us his target price. Later, the customer asked for a product photo, and asked to see a sample of the wheel chock  before placing a large order. We agreed and provided the PI to the customer. The customer asked his friend to pay on WeChat.
This transaction with the customer went very smoothly, mainly because of the understanding of the customer's market, so the quotation is very close to the customer's expected price, and the customer is eager to check the sample first, so the customer can be retained for further negotiations and cooperation. Therefore, when we receive a customer's inquiry, we should first search for customer information, understand the customer company, product, market price and other information, and then understand the customer's needs through dialogue with the customer to help the customer solve the problem. Orders are finally obtained through price negotiations.

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