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Bead Seater Case Analysis

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On August 26, 2019, we received an inquiry from the UK customer about the bead seater on the official website. The customer needs 1000 bead seater and he wants us to send samples for customer inspection. According to the customer's request, we recommended two types of manual and pneumatic bead seater to the customer, and informed the parameters and application range of the bead seater and provided video for customer reference. The customer informed that a manual, 5 gallon, yellow bead seater was required, which was mainly used to quickly inflate the car tires.
Based on the feedback from the customer, we have calculated the freight to London and reported the reasonable shipping and sample fees. After the customer receives the price, the feedback says that the courier fee is too expensive. We recommend that the customer purchase 10 sets as the test order first, so that they can be shipped by sea. And inform the customer 10 sets of prices can be 1% discount, and we discuss again and again, we finally confirmed the price of both two are satisfied. Then I made a detailed sample invoice for the customer and paid for it through the company account on August 30th.
Our bead seater is tested and passed ISO and CE certification, and the quality is safe and reliable. Our company selects high-quality steel plate, the thickness of the steel plate is not less than 3mm, and the steel plate is not less than 2.75mm under special custom conditions. It is made of plasma argon arc welding and welded steel plate. After six quality inspection procedures, strict quality control. Mainly for the situation between the vacuum tire and the rim due to deformation, non-conformity, resulting in leakage of the gas, can not be full, use the bead seater to make the tire quickly open and seal the rim, and then fill the tire with air. Expect customer sample test feedback and official orders.

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