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Balloon-type jack

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This product is a balloon pneumatic jack, the full name is called air bag type pneumatic jack. It consists of 3 layers of balloons. The main working principle is to use 5-8KG pressure air compressor to inflate and lift the car.It is particularly suitable for the repair industry of the transportation industry such as automobiles and tractors.   

 Features of 3 tons balloon type Jack 
Balloon-type jack

1. Convenient and fast: Because of pneumatic lifting, no manpower is needed, and it is easy and fast.
2. Lifting is extremely fast and stable. Generally, it only takes about 3 seconds for the car to rise.Because the contact part with the car body is imported soft rubber, it does not hurt the chassis
3.High cost performance: Due to its long service life, it has high cost performance despite high prices.
4.   Robust and durable: Because it is a pure pneumatic product, it does not contain hydraulic oil, so there is no oil leakage.There is no need to replace the sealing ring, and the airbag itself is a rubber product. The port is like a sealing ring, and the gas seal is easy to complete.
5.Low temperature use: Due to the use of high-performance airbags, the performance is also excellent at -40 degrees.  Because it is in flat contact with the ground, it can also be used as usual in sand and snow, without sinking.

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