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Advanced customization bead seater

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Advanced customization bead seater

This is the third order for tire bead seater from European customer Harvie. It is hot sale in European.
The main Advantage of Bead seater:
1. Widen trumpet mouth, outgassing stability
2. 3 mm thicken steel plate
3. many style for customers to choose and we could make products to customers' requirements.
4. 18L industrial steel tank
Using plasma welding, no bubbles on the surface during the quality test; Spray coated and rust prevention, Featured materials, strong and sturdy, Beautiful,
5. Complete configuration,easy to use, safe and reliable
Intake valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, outlet valve. Easy to use, convenient and quick

tire bead seater
6. Shockproof pressure gauge
Clear scale, accurate numerical display. Easy to read the real-time pressure value in the tank
7. Finished products will pass six testing process;
8. Gas reserves 72 hours without leakage;
For those advantages, bead blaster is popular in European, even the world. Bead blaster will play an increasingly important role in the auto repair industry.

tire bead seater package

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