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Buy auto parts to pick the right choice"

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Ask a few, check
In general, 4S stores can not be willing to allow customers to bring their own parts to repair, but the general car repair plant does not exist in this problem. At this time, comes with a more cost-effective accessories, you can consult the master, you need to replace parts of what plant production is better. At the same time, we must pay attention to doing homework: to ask what price factory price, 4S shop maintenance and accessories sales price you want, contrast, heart is the bottom.
Buy do not buy, count
In the know prices at the same time should also pay attention to, and some repair factory comes with accessories of man hours fees collected more high, then high labor costs and buy their own accessories price difference is reasonable, otherwise may spend more money. In addition, the purchase of parts of the general requirements of the relatively large, relatively high value. Otherwise, a 100 yuan of parts, toss half to buy back, even can save half, but also The loss outweighs the gain. Time costs and transportation costs have saved the price space for the flowers to go back, but also bear the risk. Because to buy accessories, as well as the maintenance of the plant parts and reliable - in case of any situation, the construction of the problem or accessories, it is very tangled tangled up.
Each mark, take a look at
Finally decided to buy accessories, Master Liu suggested that it is best to buy auto parts market. Where many large stores. The same accessories often have a number of stores in the sales, the room for a large contrast. In contrast, to look at the packaging, look at the signs. In general, the regular parts manufacturers to produce a good quality of the parts, packaging, printing, clear, bright color. On the packaging of the product name, specifications, quantity, registered trademark, name and address and telephone number Goods are available in all varieties. etc.. Some important components such as generator, electrical appliances, such as fuel injection pump with the instruction manual, the certification, and inspectors chapter, to guide the user correct use and maintenance.
Stare at the surface, ask
Apart from the packaging, to think about, the normal parts should be how to. So, there is a bending deformation of the place have to ask, is the original appearance of the parts or the transport of deformation caused by extrusion. So even if be the owner of Mongolia, get the repair factory master said no, then change the accessories also good reason to avoid the owner default responsibility. At the same time, the surface is flat, whether the parts have rust, whether the surface is intact, etc. to see clearly, ask to understand.
Check function, breaking off
There are many accessories are not a whole, there are a combination of multiple accessories. At this time, not only to the surface intact, but also have to gently break, to see if the function is perfect. Can turn the accessories can turn, should not move the parts connection is stable, have to check.

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