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Three points, seven points five coup teach you how to tire maintenance

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For Mr., Ocean Auto staff said that the tire for many reasons, the tyre choice is the key. First look at whether the tyre for vehicle use, such as tire load resistant, wear-resistant, if the car to pull over, selection for resistance to load strength of tire, if pull subject, choose the better wear resistance of the tire.
Insufficient air pressure is the main reason for the tire, because of insufficient air pressure of the tyre for a long time, the tire wire in bending state for a long time, for a long time, tyre and it burst. In addition, the mountain road or downhill more, the loss of the tire is also larger. Downhill needs a long time to brake, this will make the brake disc overheated, serious will become red. Tire heat will be from the brake disc is transmitted to the steel ring and conduction from the rim into the tire, the tire pressure increase, when the pressure is higher than the original air pressure, it will burst.
As the saying goes, the car is three points, seven points to support, until the failure to open to the maintenance point, it is too late, it is visible that the regular maintenance of the vehicle and the length of the tire life is closely related.
After entering the spring, the temperature gradually increased, then, this time, how to maintain the tire it? Ocean Auto Workers and put forward some suggestions and methods, we take a look at.
1 the correct choice and installation of tires is the key, especially in the replacement of new tires. The types and patterns of different tires, because the tire size and load capacity of different, not arbitrary. And the tire must tighten, because the car in the process of moving depend entirely on the tire, if the tyres are not tightened, car in the driving plate screws can fall off, very dangerous.
. with the increase of temperature, the vehicle tire blowout accident also increases, the reason, culprit was none other than a vehicle tire pressure is higher or lower than the standard tyre pressure, in addition to professional place to check the tire, oneself also can prepare a tire pressure gauge, in order to check the tire pressure. In addition, the best guarantee to check at least once all the tires in the cooling under pressure every month, including a spare tire. If the air pressure is reduced too fast to see if the tire has a screw, cut, valve rubber aging, cracking, etc., if found, should do the appropriate treatment.
. as the tire rubber products, so in driving, parking or storage tire must pay attention to, not oil, acid, hydrocarbons and other chemicals contact, because these items will cause the tire corrosion, deformation, such as softening. In addition, it is best to stop the car in a cool place, so as to avoid direct sunlight, resulting in premature aging of the tire, damage.
4 in the daily running, to avoid hitting obstacles as far as possible, if you can not avoid, should slow down. Tire if an impact crater or other obstacles, the tire extrusion deformation, which may make the tyre forming drum kits, serious, will cause tire sidewall rupture or suddenly.
5 tire wear to wear indicator, should stop using. Because the drainage performance of the tire is greatly reduced at this time, it will seriously affect the wetland grip. In addition, if the tyre wear is uneven, it may be bad wheel alignment or imbalance, which will not only shorten the life of the tire, but also affect the handling of the vehicle. If this is the case, you can go to the 4S shop, to adjust the tire.

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