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620 Tire changer

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The S-T620 tire changer is a work horse of a tire machine. High quality and an affordable price, this unit is perfect for most any shop. The S-T620 is specially designed by Shengshiweiye for motorcycle tire-changing, and is an affordable solution to shops requiring a powered tire machine.

620 Tire changer
Air Requirement: 115-145 PSI
Wheel Diameter: 6”-24” (12"-30" with adapter)
Tire Width: 2”-10” 
 The Shengshiweiye gives you the edge you need when changing tough motorcycle, ATV and UTV tires. Bikes with extremely stiff sidewalls make tire manipulation difficult even after the bead is broken. The Shengshiweiye uses air pressure to assist holding the tire’s bead in the drop center of the wheel, even while the turntable is revolving. The Shengshiweiye mounting system is designed to work with most popular tire machines, and helps to keep tire changes a one-person job.

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