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Spring car maintenance Raiders

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Spring car maintenance should be comprehensive
Car paint: spring rain more, the acid rain will damage the car paint, the need to develop the habit after the rain washing and waxing.
Interior: interior cleaning is an important seasonal maintenance work, clean and comfortable interior has a feeling for you take on an altogether new aspect.
Chassis: after a long holiday from driving back, carefully check the chassis is a bruise, if there should be timely repair, do a good job sealing and anti rust.
Cooling system: cleaning the engine water jacket, remove scale in the cooling system, testing and debugging efficiency of thermostat.
Oil: if you are using the oil viscosity is too high, should be replaced in time for the summer with the oil.
Battery: check whether the performance of the battery is good, it is necessary to the maintenance station to do the test.
Tires: automobile tire is driving tour during the most indefatigable part of one, so travel back must for car tires to do the maintenance work in a system, it is best to do a four wheel alignment.
Daily maintenance focuses on cleaning
More spring outdoor dust, catkins, so the cleaning work is an important part in daily maintenance.
Body cleaning:
1 water will be used to wash the parts of the car once again, so that dirt pre wetting.
2 on the bond solid mud, bird droppings and other stolen goods, scrub with a brush and rinse clean.
3 with high pressure water from top to bottom of the order of washing the car's every part, the hydraulic pressure should be a large number of.
4. Washing should be used when special car wash solution, long time use soap or washing powder will cause paint loss of luster, serious corrosion will finish.
5 with the cleaning liquid to wash the car, the use of water to wash the car from beginning to end again, to wash away the residual stains.
6 try not to light exposure and hot car wash, so easy to cause paintoff.
Clean car interiors:
1 use a towel or sponge dip in the car cleaning agent, scrub every corner of the instrument panel.
2 clean the surface of chemical fiber before use the vacuum cleaner to suck dust, and then clean the car with a special cleaning agent to soak a few minutes, to be dissolved after the dust, and then wipe with a towel.
3. Leather products can be a towel dip a little water (or car Jie Shi special leather plastic cleaning agent) to scrub, careful attention to the use of leather door products and inferior door products not only can not play to the door, but also on the leather damage.
4 chromium plating surface should always be cleaned to maintain its brightness, when it is found that the chromium plating surface has been scratched, should be sealed in a timely manner to prevent corrosion continue to expand.
Sterilization: the spring temperatures rise, coupled with the wet air is all sorts of bacteria multiply growth of gold season. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the bacteria on the interior of the car, indoor keep dry and clean, especially of car seats, mats, carpet, air these health corner more to do cleaning work. Regular cleaning the sundries in the trunk, prevent odor and mildew for a long time.
Regularly check the nip in the bud
Regularly on your car inspection, timely detection of potential failures, nip in the bud, also gives you a better understanding of the car's habits, the tuned to the best.
1 check the oil, brake oil, such as the lack of timely replenishment.
2 check the chassis is leaking, leakage phenomenon.
3 check the tire pressure, tire wear condition, the nut is not loose phenomenon. If there is deviation or make it driving pendulum phenomenon, to do the maintenance station four wheel positioning or dynamic balance check.
4 check whether the fan belt is broken or broken, adjust the tightness of the belt.
5 check the connection of the whole car wiring, there are wireless skin cracking, loose, poor contact and other phenomena.

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