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About one hundred thousand yuan "copycat" auto parts.

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Yesterday, by the masses, Yancheng Quality Supervision Bureau Inspection Detachment organized a auto special anti-counterfeiting operations, in salt and Pavilion Lake four auto parts manufacturer, seized fake brand-name brake more than 10000 pieces, worth 10 million yuan. The seizure of counterfeit brake involves brand with Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, general motors, Toyota, Honda and other, manufacturers only in the production of their own products, simply with white paint spray Mercedes or Audi's trademark, can these fake brand-name products are sold to auto parts market. According to the insiders, these counterfeit brake, cost price only 18 yuan, but to enter the auto parts market, the price in more than 250 yuan. Fake brand high profits, is an important reason why many lawbreakers rush into danger.
Law enforcement officials told reporters that these counterfeit brake friction coefficient and wear rate are obviously not up to the corresponding brand vehicle braking requirements, once used, easily in high speed or road caused by traffic accidents. At present, the case is under further trial.

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