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The role of balance weight

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Any object quality of each part will have differences, under static and low speed rotation, the uneven quality will affect the stability of a rotating object, the higher the speed, the greater the vibration will. The role of balance weight is to make the wheel quality gap narrowed, as far as possible to achieve a state of relative balance.
As improving road conditions and vehicle technology development is rapid, the level of the vehicle's speed is faster and faster. If the quality of the car wheels don't even, in the process of the high speed, not only affect the ride comfort, and may increase the risk of automobile tires and suspension system is not normal wear and tear, increase the difficulty of the car in the process of driving control, lead to traffic safety. In order to avoid this situation, the wheels before installing must pass a special device, balancing the wheel dynamic balancing machine testing.\\
Because the car driving mode is commonly precursors, the front wheel load is greater than the rear wheels, the car after a certain range, the different parts of the tire will appear in the fatigue and wear degree difference, so suggest you according to the driving mileage or road conditions timely tyre transposition; Due to the complex road conditions, in any case is likely to be on the road of influence on the tyres and rims, such as collision road station, high-speed through the rutted road, etc., easy to cause deformation of steel ring, so it is recommended that you do at the same time in the transposition of tire dynamic balance.

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