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The best service and quality is the key to success

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   May 20th 2015 is a special day for me. This day, I signed my first contract with my Iran customer.
   Through communication with him several month, I knew he is very serious for business though we also usually talked about interesting things in life. The quality of wheel weight is the most worried about by him. One is the effect of anti-rust, the other is the quality of the blue tape. For the first worry, I provided him our test report of 72 hours salt-spray test. As to the second worry, I provided him the parameter of tape from manufacture, Shuanglian brand. This tape manufacture is required by customer before. So the customer approve our quality. At the same time, the customer asked the packing. As to Fe adhesive wheel weight, our standard packing is 100pc/box, 50pc/box. The customer is worried about the box will be damaged because it is overweight. So he wanted to pack by 30pcs/box. The problem is that this order is just 5 tons. The Amount is too little to design box. I tried to told him our box is made by thick paper board, and the carton is made by five corrugated paper. At last, he accepted 50pcs/box. Then, about the pallet, we used the wooden cartons. After reaching consensus, we started our cooperation.

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