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Eccentric screw

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Eccentric screw main role was to adjust the tilt and trim around the inner and outer wheel height. Vehicles found eating tire (tire Ken) phenomenon need to install it. Eccentric screw principle is the use of a cam , narrow diameter of the screw in the cam screw end(ie, smaller than the original installed bolts ) to achieve the purpose of adjustment, The thinner the screws at both ends of the cam, the greater the amount of adjustment .Naturally, to meet the security structure of the original vehicle chassis, it is necessary to improve the overall strength of the corresponding Eccentric screw, especially tensile strength must than the original fastening Eccentric screw(American standard 10.9). Therefore, the choice of materials and materials processing Eccentric screw must be strictly controlled. We produce many different kind of eccentric screw like 10mm~17mm for you to reference. If you have any interest, welcome to kindly contact us.
Eccentric screw

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