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Plastic handle repair tool

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Needle: stainless steel
Handle: ABS environmentally friendly plastic
 Handle design: streamlined plastic handle meet the ergonomics, comfortable operation, prone to breaking.
Twist drill: The grain of tire design is easy sanding wound, so that it makes the strip and tire easier vulcanized together.
Jack Drill: 45 # high-strength steel refining, strength and flexibility and never rust.
Tire strip: a strip can be used for tire repair one time, color rich, super adhesion, wearproof and longer life.
Tire repair glue: with glue, increase security, more intimate services.
① Remove the nail from the tires: first use pliers or other tools to remove the nail from the tire;
② Using twist drill to drill bigger leak hole. if leak hole is small, inconvenient repair, you can simply drill a larger leak hole;
③ the strip put into the drill with hole;
④ The drill with strip insert tyre leak hole.
⑤ Do not cut the exposed places.It will be compressed while tyre rotated. that would be better.
Plastic handle repair tool

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