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Car maintenance knowledge to look at these parts of the maintenance cycle

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Experienced maintenance shop man, can see you from your every word and action is not a rookie. Mr. Liu to buy a car for a year, although the car care is added, but the knowledge of the vehicle is still ignorant. His car 7500 kilometers maintenance is repair factory required for the filter, spark plug, and the cleaning of the engine, spent more than 900 yuan. Understand the car maintenance friend Xiao Wu told him, been fooled.
Like Mr. Liu's car to do maintenance of 7500 km, the increase in material costs, man hour cost around 300 yuan, but was repaired factory flicker a replacement of a large number without the need to replace the goods, and the unnecessary maintenance. Automotive engine oil, brake oil, spark plugs and other parts are required to be replaced regularly, but each component and oil have their service life. If we know some of the most easily fooled car parts and oil life, you can do to prevent the maintenance of the car.
Don't rush to change: "three" replacement period
Xiao Wu introduced, each car routine maintenance, oil filter must be replaced. And long-term in the area of non dust travel, air filter can be generally used 20 thousand km, 7500 km only need to do a clean. Gasoline filter life and the use of oil, if the regular gas stations have been refueling, and there is no oil poor condition, you can consider the replacement of more than 20 thousand km.
In addition, the normal use of the state, the brake pad can be used 30 thousand -4 million kilometers, the original battery can be used 3-4. Classification more spark plug and spark plug ordinary nickel alloy can be used 2 million - 3 million km, platinum spark plug to 8 million to 10 million kilometers, iridium spark plugs to 30000 - 4 million km. Owners can according to their own vehicle maintenance manual and the actual situation of the car, the appropriate adjustment of these parts and the use of oil.
Mo listen to flicker: oil replacement period identification
Oil replacement is a repair shop to do the car maintenance is more love to do the "professional" recommended. Oil should not be replaced, not only to listen to their views, their own heart more to have the.
Brake oil: manufacturers generally require 50 thousand km or so to be replaced, but the actual is not too large, the brake does not appear abnormal on the need to replace. Soon the handbrake brake oil light or flashing, this time for the brake oil too late, don't say it to change the maintenance plant.
Oil: foreign oil basically to 10 thousand kilometers before the replacement, domestic manufacturers to the domestic poor road conditions generally change the cycle ahead of the 7500 km, and now 5000 km in advance to the. But the actual as long as cream clear, oil surface not less than marked the lowest level, no special circumstances replace oil also need not so frequent.
Steering booster oil: to help the oil does not need to change frequently, the dealer is also recommended for 100 thousand Km for a time, do not replace there will not be any security risks. If you turn to the lack of power oil will appear abnormal sound engine, steering booster oil also has the lowest tick, and then change the minimum scale.
Do not want to wash on the wash: more than 30 thousand kilometers to wash no later
The so-called engine depth cleaning, the actual internal lubrication system and carbon deposition to do a cleaning. Xiao Wu said, due to the long-term engine work under high pressure and high temperature, sludge production and carbon will reduce the work efficiency of the engine for a certain age old car is very necessary.
But now cars used lubricating oil, mostly comes clean function, can ensure that the engine in a certain number of kilometers does not produce sludge or few in number.
New car in the two guarantees on the depth of the engine cleaning, will cause a huge waste, it is not necessary.
See the car repair shop, Mr. Liu was eager to recommend these packages at random.
Xiao Wu introduced cleaning lubrication system, inlet, combustor and other projects on the maintenance of the car engine is necessary, but in the vehicle normal use, generally 3 million to 5 million kilometers will consider.
Mo want to add on the plus: the new car do not add additives
With the rising volume of motor vehicles, a large number of businesses also aimed at the automotive supplies market piece of cake. But the product quality is also uneven in quality, or purely Huyou concept. Such as a variety of antiwear agent, cleaning agent, repair agent like commodities to be too numerous to enumerate. Some automobile maintenance enterprises in order to pursue the maximization of profit, in the maintenance of vehicles to the owners to sell a variety of additives. Maintenance experts said that the regular manufacturers of antiwear agent, repair agent the wear of vehicle repair, chaos and unqualified additives can cause changes in the properties of lubricating oil, reducing the efficiency of the lubrication system, oil deterioration caused by, but increased mechanical wear. For the new car, in the case of no understanding of the performance of the product, it is best to do nothing.

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