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Car Creeper

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Material: imported PE
Wheel size: 2.5 inches
Carrying Capacity: 200kg
Car Creeper
Product Features:
Thick plate, double blow, Supper European standard, strong loading capacity, 2.5-inch ultra-wearable PE wheel  , lower working space; soft headrest, to create a comfortable feeling when repair car !
Make sure each screws are tightened , don’t use car creeper if  less screws or less wheeled, to avoid car creeper broken  as unbalanced force on wheel
Maintenance tips:
Try to avoid the wind and rain, sun exposure, so as to aaccelerate the aging of plastic.
When use in extremely hot or extremely cold areas , please clean up after finish , try to use at normal temperature, in order to avoid the cracking or high Temperature aging.
 Avoid corrosive liquid in direct contact with the car creeeper .

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