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Pneumatic tire bead seaters

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Type:5 gallon (18L /20L )  10gallon (30L) 
It only applies to the tubeless tires after repairing (no air in the tire)
Red cap: safety valve (It deflates to ensure the safety of Pneumatic tire bead seaters when the pressure is more than 8 bar)
Product advantages:
1.Choose the Steel no less than 3~2.75mm;
2.Gas reserves 72 hours without leakage;
3.Using plasma welding, no bubbles on the surface during the quality test;
6.Finished products will pass six testing process;
Note:the gas must be deflated for long term storage.Otherwise the inside of the tank might be moisture,and it will make the body rusting. It’s not conducive to long-term use, and cause security risks.
Fast Inflatable------convenient operate ----- high efficiency
Pneumatic tire bead seaters

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