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These technologies will make the car of the future become more and more secure.

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The accuracy of vehicle positioning system is greatly improved
The Swiss company u-blox for car navigation systems developed in a variety of conditions in tunnel etc. can improve the accuracy of positioning module. Support, including GPS (Global Positioning System) and quasi zenith satellite system (QZSS), 5 kinds of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). By combination of 3 axis acceleration and 3 axis angular velocity of the 6 axis inertial sensor signal, the vehicle can not receive the GNSS signal and do not use the vehicle speed and other information of the vehicle can also maintain high positioning accuracy.
At present, the high precision positioning system of the built-in inertial sensor module has been available in February this year, is facing the vehicle electronic equipment manufacturers and other samples. In addition to the navigator, u-blox company is also expected to bring new products to the tachograph and radar detectors and other market segments.
Automatic driving can recognize more distant objects.
Before the sun, Nissan developed an autopilot technology "ProPILOT", which can control the steering wheel, throttle and brake system on a single lane on the highway. However, the biggest highlight of this technology is that it can only use a monocular camera to achieve these functions, thus greatly reducing the cost of. In late August 2016 the listing of the "match Rena" will be the first equipped with this system.
In fact, the use of a monocular camera to identify the vehicle and pedestrian's core technology is developed by the ADAS company in the field of Mobileye's top. ProPILOT is equipped with Mobileye developed image recognition with SoC (SystemonChip) "EyeQ3". EyeQ3 supports more than 1 million pixels, the detection distance to reach 100m. And Nissan to the level of a monocular camera set to 52 degrees, 40 degrees vertical perspective.
In addition, Nissan has developed a technology based on EyeQ3 identification of the results of the control of the car. For example, when a vehicle is identified in front of a vehicle, it will determine what time to change the following car and so on. Nissan said that other companies in the implementation of similar technologies, in addition to the camera, mostly also using the millimeter wave radar, etc.. And in the early development of ProPILOT, Nissan decided to use a monocular camera to achieve the technology, because the use of a lot of sensors will make prices rise, not easy to popularize. Can not be popularized, it can not reduce traffic accidents".
God is Sightstream let the side view mirror faded
The combination of high definition camera and display will replace the use of conventional side mirror, which can improve the traffic safety and visibility, and the combination will soon be applied to the new vehicle. The famous auto parts supplier Valeo group said that with the camera and the display of the driving assistance system is still in the development stage, Valeo temporarily for the naming for Sightstream is expected in the next year's European car manufacturing exhibition public appearance.
It is understood, this system consists of a pair of high-definition camera were embedded in the X-ray mirror position of two metal slot, display is mounted on the inside of the car near the windshield glass position, roughly near the drivers to see the side view mirror of field of vision scope. Put the camera and display screen are arranged in the drivers to conveniently see the position, before the habits and use the side mirrors exactly the same, but image information will more clearly, up to 1.3 million pixel camera, display effect far exceeding the side view mirror. The driver can adjust the display, in order to reduce the glare of headlamps for night driving. Due to the test vehicle in the screen size and built-in navigation display almost unanimously, the user's field of vision will not be because of the window there is rain, snow, fog and affected.
In addition, the side view camera size to less than the size of conventional side mirror, compared to the side view mirror. It can aerodynamic drag is reduced 5% or more, the fuel is saved more than 5%.
A stronger sense of the ability to make the car more human"
At present, the automatic driving car already has a strong sense of induction, can be perceived around the road blocks, pedestrians and other vehicles. But the real smart car should also understand the internal situation of the car. Application of Germany's largest scientific research institutions "Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Research Promotion Association (Fraunhofer)" is in and Volkswagen, Bosch and Visteon, and other well-known automobile industry company cooperation, started research and development "the vehicle interior intelligent monitoring, through built-in recognition cameras inside the car passenger number, shape and position, and to predict its activity.
By using depth sensing camera, the number of passengers, body size, posture, which can be identified in the car, so as to speculate its activities. This is done in order to achieve a series of intelligent effect, for example, if an accident occurs, the car can be predict time needed by the driver gripping the steering wheel; if children will slide down from the back seat of the car, the car can remind dozing parents; crash accident, the car can also automatic steering, avoid bumping into passengers, airbags can also be according to the passengers of the shape and the position adjustment of charging degree.
Fraunhof Application Research Association, believes that although the weight of sensors and other devices can be completed some internal perception, but more comprehensive and detailed induction is still very necessary. They are developing the content is: to make the car to identify a variety of actions and common objects, such as passengers to open the sun board, or the installation of child seats and other action. At present, the camera is only installed in the development of the company's driving simulator, but in the future there are plans to install a small truck on the actual test.

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