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Is the epidemic suitable for buying Chinese goods?

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During the Spring Festival in 2020, the epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection pneumonia spread rapidly. In order to avoid large-scale population movement and gathering, the Chinese government advised people across the country to isolate their homes and adopted measures to prevent and control the epidemic, such as extending the Spring Festival holiday. This measure has a great impact on all foreign trade enterprises.

In view of the insufficient supply of products, the factory cannot start work. Will the cost rise due to the full production tasks after the start of the project? Cannot guarantee the delivery time, can't deliver on time, etc. The problems are the pressures that customers need to bear, so in this case, Don't change suppliers? Want to find a new partner? Still want to buy Chinese goods in China?

What we can't deny is that what the customers think is exactly what we are facing. Then let's analyze from these aspects whether we should buy Chinese goods.

If you now choose to abandon imported products from China, re-screen suppliers in countries other than your home country, re-select suppliers-sample mailing-sample testing-finalize suppliers-place orders for production-goods delivery period, which is also a very long Process, and in this process, China has ended this "battle", from production scheduling to freight to arrival at the speed of China, it will save time than re-selecting customers, this "battle" in China is nearing its end, All we have to do now is to be ready for production.
Some customers say that I already have an alternative supplier and can place an order directly for production, so congratulations, your risk assessment is well prepared. If the price is right, you can ask them to place an order for production. But please don't ignore a problem, how to solve the problems during the running-in period, whether the cooperation will be pleasant. And what we do is always welcome you back, we are always the community.
Now that customers have questions about customers, we also explain the following to customers:

First, the factory cannot be opened. How to deal with existing orders and orders that will be placed?
The epidemic has affected workers' inability to work, which is an important factor that directly leads to the inability to start work. When the government resumes work, we are ready to put it into production 100% and produce it 24 hours a day.

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Secondly, will the cost rise because of the full production task after the start?
Now that the raw materials are relatively stable, we have begun to purchase raw materials and store them in advance, and the production will begin as soon as the government issues a notice.
For the cost of the epidemic impact, we will digest it ourselves and do not add it to our customers. (Except for logistics and freight costs)
Thirdly, can't guarantee the delivery time, can't deliver on time?
We will increase the production line after the government permits the start of work, and do our best to complete production before the construction period.

Please give us some time. Please give us more trust during this difficult period. Customers and us are a community. Please go through this difficult time together with us.

After the cold winter, spring is not far away

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