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· Car Lift common problem and solutions [2019-07-17 HITS:0]
car lift does not lifting, There may be an air solution in the oil: loosen the exhaust screw, tighten the gas and tighten [READ]
· Introduction to the tire repair tools [2019-07-03 HITS:3]
It is used to repair the tyres It can be divided into plastic material and ferrum material. As to the plastic material [READ]
· Egyptian customer commissioned third party inspection [2019-06-28 HITS:1]
Since the customer on vacation, the balance payment was not made as schedule ,so the order for wheel weight ,tire valves ,tire lever ,tire removal tools ,tire changer device and socket not shipped ! [READ]
· Common Principle and Function of Eccentric Screw [2019-06-21 HITS:0]
If the inclination angle of the wheel exceeds the standard range, it can only be adjusted by using eccentric screw, which can ensure the normal wheel data and avoid tire wear. [READ]
· What Benefits Can Choose Lifter for Automobile Repair Industry [2019-06-18 HITS:0]
Nowadays, the hoist mentioned by people is only a product collective name. There are many classifications of this kind of equipment. [READ]
· Customer Visit Memo (2) [2019-05-31 HITS:5]
After customers understand the parameters and advantages of the balance machine , they also put forward some questions about the balance machine: [READ]
· Inquiry of Tire Bead Seater From Europ [2019-05-23 HITS:8]
According to the customer’s description and picture . We sent the picture of same tire bead seater to customer for confirm. And after the customer’s confirm , We introduce the products to the customer. [READ]
· Birth of the wheel balance machine [2019-05-17 HITS:2]
Car takes a very important position in people's lives. The performance of cars is directly related to people's lives, so we value the performance of cars [READ]
· Customer Visit Memo [2019-05-10 HITS:3]
Customers in the auto parts industry for more than 10 years, and he has a certain understanding about tyre changer. The client raised the following questions about tyre changer [READ]
· Meet you in São Paulo [2019-04-23 HITS:11]
Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co.,ltd is a real, genuine and professional tire changer, Wheel balancer, car repair maintenance equipment manufacturer. [READ]