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· The purpose of safe operation of large tire changers [2018-06-21 HITS:0]
This regulation is used to guide the tire changer operator to operate and use the equipment correctly, and is suitable for guiding the safe operation of the company's tire changer's operation area. [READ]
· Tire Changer Usage Notice [2018-06-20 HITS:0]
Tire Changer Usage Notice Always keep the tyre changer clean, the guide rail surface should be kept clean, and it should always be oiled and rustproof [READ]
· Category tire changer [2018-06-19 HITS:1]
It is a tire changer is an implementation of the car tires removed from the hub, installation and inflatable equipment, mainly used for tire repair, replacement and installation. [READ]
· Tire changer for car [2018-06-15 HITS:1]
Tire changer is a repair equipment to use secondary demolition and tire installation in vehicle maintenance. It makes tire remove smoothly in the car repair process. [READ]
· Maintenance methods of unrotated round plate during tire changer’s working [2018-06-11 HITS:1]
Maintenance method:we should first distinguish whether it is a circuit failure or a mechanical failure. [READ]
· Keep in mind that there are signs of tire failure Prepare early to avoid danger [2018-06-08 HITS:0]
If the car is driven more, the tyres will wear out. This does not mean that we have problems with driving, but it is inevitable that normal driving will happen. However, tire failure is very dangerous. It may make your car out of control. It may also thro [READ]
· Tire Changer Tubeless Tire Installation Instructions [2018-06-07 HITS:3]
Control the assembly hook to move to a distance of 5mm between the rim and the tire rim, turn the tire clockwise until the pliers are at the lowest point, so that the outer tire is in place, Remove the pliers and lower the tire onto the tire support plate [READ]
· Why Choose Our Tyre Changer? [2018-06-05 HITS:5]
S-850M automatic tire demounting machine,Be equipped with right assistant arm, 360 degree shovel and tire arm rotating with tire by 270 degree. Be convenient to demount and mount tire much faster. [READ]
· How to choose a tire changer [2018-06-02 HITS:0]
With the rapid development of automotive market,the requirements for tires have cecome higher and higher,and The revolution in the tire market poses new problems for tire changers. [READ]
· Attending Automechanika Dubai [2018-06-01 HITS:5]
Today I will continue to talk about products that make me surprised by the customer's interest during this exhibition [READ]