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· Order for shortwave infrared heating lamp [2020-01-18 HITS:0]
On November 16, 2019, we received an inquiry from our Indonesian customer about shortwave infrared heating lamp on official website [READ]
· Tire Repair tools [2020-01-09 HITS:2]
Recently, many customers have feedback whether they can provide some emergency tools for their reference and later use. According to the needs of customers, we have summarized some products for a lot of reference. [READ]
· How to choose a good tire changer [2019-12-31 HITS:1]
The quality of the tire disassembly head is also directly related to the quality of the tire disassembly. [READ]
· Balloon-type jack [2019-12-27 HITS:2]
Balloon-type jack Convenient and fast: Because of pneumatic lifting, no manpower is needed, and it is easy and fast. [READ]
· Case of Eccentric Screw [2019-12-24 HITS:1]
Regarding this Tire Changer Demounting Tools, the main material is 42 chrome molybdenum steel, which is mainly used to adjust the camber angle of four-wheel positioning [READ]
· Relevant knowledge about valve core [2019-12-18 HITS:0]
The shape of the valve head of the valve core includes a flat top, a spherical top and a horn top. Flat tops are usually used. [READ]
· Business For Wheel Chock [2019-12-11 HITS:4]
On December 2, 2019, a customer from Israel contacted us to purchase a wheel chock. They need a total of 200 pairs of wheel chock and need to ship immediately. They also want wheel chock clips. [READ]
· Tyre Changer order [2019-11-22 HITS:6]
​After checking the details and operate video of car tyre changer S-850M,Customer gave a high appreciated for everything do for him. [READ]
· Inquiry of Motorcycles lifts from Colombia [2019-11-15 HITS:7]
Our car lifts are mainly exported to Europe, South America and Asia, such as Russia, Poland, France, Brazil, Argentina [READ]
· Introduction to the Car Jack [2019-11-08 HITS:1]
A jack is a light lifting device that uses a rigid lifting member as a working device to open a heavy object through a small stroke of a top bracket or a bottom bracket. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments for v [READ]