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· How to choose a balancing machine [2018-11-16 HITS:0]
When we buy a balancing machine, we always think a lot of questions? For example: I want to buy a balancing machine, we will think which balancing machine is good? [READ]
· Tire Changing Safety [2018-11-14 HITS:1]
Before attempting to remove and mount tires on rims, there are important safety precautions to know. Serious personal injury can result if proper caution is not observed. Tires can explode if attention to certain details go overlooked. [READ]
· Tire Pressure Gauge [2018-11-12 HITS:3]
SHENGSHIWEI has always been committed to the continuous exploration of the field of auto parts. As the leader in the auto parts industry, [READ]
· Common troubleshooting of auto wheel alignment [2018-11-05 HITS:3]
The biggest difference is that the measurement is accurate and inaccurate. With the exception of LUB, Bmw and Porsch, all car companies require compensation to ensure accurate four-wheel alignment measurements. LUB, Bmw and Porsch require special pillows, [READ]
· Double column car balance block lift [2018-11-01 HITS:4]
The two-column car balance block lift is a special mechanical lifting device commonly used in car repair and maintenance units, and is widely used in the repair and maintenance of small cars such as cars. [READ]
· Tire changer Procurement skills [2018-10-26 HITS:5]
Tire changers are used to install and unload car tires. In the past, in some auto repair shops, the tire changer parts only needed a large wrench, plus a large basin filled with water and a heavy-duty repairman, which basically completed the tire replacem [READ]
· Considerations for choosing a Wheel alignment [2018-10-24 HITS:4]
Since its inception, wheel lignment has been active in people's field of vision. The installation of wheel alignment will greatly increase the safety of the car, and at the same time reduce the loss of the car itself to the tires and chassis. So, what sho [READ]
· Simple Pressure Vessels directive [2018-10-20 HITS:2]
The new SPV directive (2014/29/EU) has been published and came into force on 20/04/16 to replace directive 87/404/EEC. [READ]
· Wheel positioning benefits [2018-10-18 HITS:7]
Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye four-wheel alignment product adopts the wheel centering detection technology combining geometric center line and thrust line, which is the most advanced technology in China. Wheel alignment angle detection and adjustment. It can re [READ]
· Car oil spills will cause great harm [2018-10-15 HITS:1]
In the use of vehicles, oil leakage failures often occur, which will directly affect the technical performance of the car. The operating specifications of the tire removal machine accessories lead to waste of lubricating oil and fuel, [READ]