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· Tyre Changer order [2019-11-22 HITS:0]
​After checking the details and operate video of car tyre changer S-850M,Customer gave a high appreciated for everything do for him. [READ]
· Inquiry of Motorcycles lifts from Colombia [2019-11-15 HITS:2]
Our car lifts are mainly exported to Europe, South America and Asia, such as Russia, Poland, France, Brazil, Argentina [READ]
· Introduction to the Car Jack [2019-11-08 HITS:0]
A jack is a light lifting device that uses a rigid lifting member as a working device to open a heavy object through a small stroke of a top bracket or a bottom bracket. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments for v [READ]
· Determination of Rubber Wheel Chock in Kuwait [2019-10-30 HITS:6]
we Tracking the value of their products and experience to adjust the price, the customer is very satisfied and asked us to do PI. [READ]
· Case of tire repair kits [2019-10-24 HITS:5]
The tire repair kit is mainly used to repair the vacuum tire. The streamlined plastic handle is ergonomic, comfortable to operate and resistant to breakage. [READ]
· Bead Seater Case Analysis [2019-10-08 HITS:8]
Our bead seater is tested and passed ISO and CE certification, and the quality is safe and reliable [READ]
· Introduction of Oil Collector [2019-09-18 HITS:6]
The Oil Collector which used for collect the oil and other non-flammable, non-corrosive liquid to the tank when repairing the vehicle [READ]
· Order For tire removal tools [2019-09-12 HITS:8]
Our tire removal tools are repeatedly tested and passed ISO and CE certification, quality and safety, special metal processing, wear-resistant, non-deformation. [READ]
· Tire changer [2019-08-23 HITS:13]
The use of the big car grilling machine is based on the preparation. Before starting the work, the staff should check the price of the car tire machine and clean the dirt surface of the device to avoid affecting the accuracy of the car tire machine. [READ]
· Order For Wheel Chock [2019-07-29 HITS:9]
Our wheel chocks are tested and ISO and CE certified and the quality is guaranteed. Look forward to customer sample testing feedback and trial orders. [READ]